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Skin Infections

Developing skin rashes & infections is VERY common in public wrestling & jiu-jitsu gyms. Not only is it gross to deal with, but it can spread to different parts of the body & burn/itch intensely. Many types of bacterial infections can be spread/created with skin on skin contact involving sweat. Some examples of infections would include:

  • Ring worm

  • Impetigo

  • Staph Infection

  • Scabies

  • Cellulitis


One of the most common causes of skin infections comes from mats & equipment not being cleaned properly. Of course, if you are reading this, just know that I keep all equipment clean on a daily basis, after each training session. 

So now, lets cover all the ways you can prevent yourself from developing infections throughout your years of training. 

1. Clean your gear by soaking it in the bath tub, using warm water + soap, then air dry for a couple hours. After air drying, put the gear in your dryer machine. 


2. Try to keep yourself dry during training sessions by bringing a towel.
3. Wear clothing which covers your skin, in order to prevent skin on skin contact. So wearing long sleeves, hoodies, rash-guards, compression pants, and more.

4. Rinse off in the shower BEFORE you head to your training sessions. Especially if you have already sweated or participated in any physical activity throughout the day. This is one of the main leading causes of skin infections. 

5.DO NOT ONLY USE chemicals to clean your gloves. That is a very common mistake. Spraying your gloves with Lysol, Sanitizers, & Fresheners does not clean your gloves properly. Don't believe me? Soak your gear in the bath tub, using
warm water + soap, mix it around with your hands, and watch how the color of the water quickly turns completely yellow/brown & foggy. Also, using 'Rubbing Alcohol' is a good way to disinfect the gloves or equipment before you wash it in the tub. I just pour the bottle over the gloves.


In conclusion, if you follow all of the steps listed above, you will definitely stay safe from infections. Most infections are developed from individuals being irresponsibly unclean. In a scenario where you did catch a rash or infection, you would need to immediately shower with an overload of antibacterial soap, not using hot water, but warm water, or even cold water. Hot water would burn you. Besides that, enjoy your training! :)

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